Saturday, February 7, 2009

You know you have preteens/teenagers in the house when....

- Your husband has to ask you if the bra he pulled out of the laundry is your's or your daughter's.

- The living room end table is littered with copies of Parenting magazine, Green Eggs and Ham, and Twilight.

- Your almost three-year-old starts referring to you as "Hey Mom," and answers yes or no questions with "uh-huh" and "nuh-uh."

- You can no longer understand, let alone help your child with her math homework.

- You have to recalculate portions at dinnertime to compensate for your son's appetite.

- You have to become creative with your discipline...time-outs and ignoring them are no longer effective.

- When you listen to their music you begin to wonder if you truly are getting old.

- Your husband goes from being funny to being "a dork."

- You went from knowing everything to being completely clueless.

- You suddenly realize that you are not, in fact, a hip young mom. You are old.

- Last but not realize you are turning into your mom.

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry, you become cool again :) It may not be until their 20s but it will happen.