Friday, February 13, 2009

Discipline, Sawdon Style

I don't know what is husband attempting the "tree pose" on the Wii Fit, or my toddler attempting the "warrior pose." The scary thing is that she can do it better than any of us. Not only does she wield the Wii remote like an expert, carefully making her selections and waiting for the screen to tell her to step on the board...but the child has remarkable balance skills. Should I be concerned that my child can do virtual yoga but cannot count to twenty? Oh well...math is overrated, anyway.

Thanks to having older children in the house, my toddler's interests are probably slightly different than most kids her age. She asks to play the Wii Fit or Rock Band nearly everyday. One of her favorite shows is "iCarly." Her favorite song is "So What" by Pink. Not only does she watch "American Idol," but she has favorite singers. Last season it was David Archuleta.

I always look forward to the new season of "American Idol" starting up. Not because I enjoy the show, particularly, (although I do get sucked in toward the end), it is because it not only provides much needed entertainment for our preteens (a nice break from Spongebob and Hannah Montana)...but it also gives us a few new discipline options.

There is always, of course, the "you will miss tonight's episode if you don't behave" punishment. There is also the slightly more cruel, "you can watch half of it and then go to bed" punishment. And now, my husband has come up with a new, more creative punishment, which he explained to them last night.

You could hear the fighting in the living began to escalate. It stemmed from us telling them they had to straighten up their school things in the front closet.

"Moo-oom! Jay's being a jerk!"

"She flipped my bag and papers flew everywhere!"

Bruce tells them that they each get a turn to plead their case convincingly. After they are done, we will vote. Only one child will win. The other gets voted off, to be sentenced to a grounding, or other appropriate punishment.

The kids looked at each other and back at him in disbelief. Since neither wanted to miss the show that night, they decided it was best to just stop arguing. Although...I'm not sure if it was the fear of missing the program, or that their father would try to do a bad Simon impersonation.

Bruce: (In a bad British accent): That was an utter mess. It was like a nightmare!

Maureen: (spacing out) You look great tonight. Your outfit is beautiful...but....I'm just not sure that argument was right for you. You need to be true to yourself.

Irelynn: No, Dog, didn't work for me.

Are we cool parents, or what?!

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  1. LOL...the sad thing is I can see Irelynn saying that. True that, yo ;)