Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dinner with the Sawdons

Dinnertime is usually an event at our house. It is one of the few bonding opportunities we have with our older children; a time we can ask them how school went, what is new in their lives, etc. Of course, this is usually done in raised voices, as we try to hear each other over fussy babies and a toddler who wants desparately to be included in the conversation, so she does so by mimicing the person talking at the moment (hand gestures and all.)

Last night, however, became somewhat of a circus. The older kids were bickering. I think it started with whether or not I used Cheez-Its in the baked chicken dish. I don't remember where it went from there, because I tuned it out. Connor decided he wanted to be held the entire time. Bruce launched into a lecture about Marissa's attitude and backtalk, and Jaylond's attempts to provoke his sister. Irelynn was telling me that although she did not like the chicken, the macaroni noodles were good.

After finishing her noodles, she got down and put a Backyardigans toy bin on her head, and proceeded to tell us she was an astronaut. I calmly asked her if she would like more noodles. She agreed and climbed back up to the table.

The older kids were stubbornly taking forever to eat their dinner. The next thing we knew, Irelynn was pelting Marissa with macaroni noodles.

"Irelynn, stop that. It's not funny. Daddy is NOT laughing." Bruce scolded her.

After a couple minutes of giggling, she calmed down, only to launch into new fits of laughter as she exlaims, "I throw noodles at Sammy!!!"

We look down to see Samson, our black cat, walking next to the table....covered in noodles.

This, my friends, is why I drink.

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  1. That's why I laugh at those commercials that encourage families to eat together. NO family I know act like that. Seriously though... who cooks dinner with a smile on her face, Dad kissing her on the cheek, kids setting the table, then when they all sit down they mind their manners and smile the whole time? NOT this family...not any NORMAL family I know! LOL