Thursday, February 19, 2009

Technical Toddler

I'm beginning to think my toddler is a technical genius. Her latest favorite activity is instant messaging her father while he's at work. Although she cannot spell, she types out letters and sends it to him. She also pulls up the little animations menu and clicks on different animations to send him. She even knows where to click on the link to open up a box with a wider selection of pictures. My husband turns the sound down at work, and I just let her play while I do the dishes.

She also knows all the intricate details of starting up a DVD. She finds the one she wants, and if I'm not paying close attention, she will switch out the discs, close the player and start up the movie. She even puts the other disc away.

The other night, the cd player in the kitchen was still on while we sat down to dinner. The Chipmunks cd, on it's fourteenth repetition for the day, finally finished up, and the next cd in the player started up. Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" began playing.

Jaylond groaned as Dave declared that we were financially fat.

"Man...I'd rather listen to the Chipmunks."


Irelynn sighed, as though he had just twisted her arm, and climbed down from her chair. She ran over, hit "stop," then pushed the button to switch it to disc 3. Then she hit "play," and bounced back to her chair. Once again, the Chipmunks filled the room with their theme song.

And, while it is nice to not have to hear the constant whining demands all is a bit unsettling to hear her bound between the rooms with glee as she starts up "Tonka Wonka," and then turns on the Chipmunks in the other room. And did I mention she also knows how to control the volume?

So, if anyone gets an e-mail from me that does not make any, I have not gone completely is more than likely my toddler sending out messages. As long as she doesn't upload any embarrassing photos...I guess I'm okay with that. Because...oh yeah...did I mention she has stolen my camera and taken several...well....artistic photos? Connor's nose....her dolls...Bruce's feet....and my behind. I'm half expecting them to end up on the internet anyday now.

Hmmm....better go delete those...

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