Friday, February 6, 2009

About that luck thing....

Where is my mother-in-law to tell me, "I told you so!" My moment of good fortune was swift and fleeting...and we are back to our usual visit from Uncle Murphy. And he likes to remind us of his law on a regular basis. Anything that can go wrong...will.

You know what's even worse than Uncle Murphy visiting? When he also brings along Aunt Flo. All I know is that the noise in the house is amplified, the beer disappears quickly, as well as the junk food, and one of them thinks its funny to replace all my clothes with smaller sized versions.

The twins have been sick for awhile, but Owen's cough and congestion turned into short, wheezy breaths. I took him in to the doctor and found out he has RSV. He needs breathing treatments every four hours (which, let me tell you, is loads of fun with a 5-month-old.) I'm assuming Connor will follow suit.

Irelynn is over her ear infection, finally, but still seems to have her respiratory thing hanging on. And she has suddenly decided that she doesn't want to go on the potty anymore. No reason...she just won't do it.

Bruce found out that the furnace has some sort of humidifier attached to he decided to try it out. Little did he know, one of the hoses wasn't attached all the way. Marissa came upstairs to inform us that the cat peed in her room....alot. I went down to check it out. As soon as I set foot in her room, I hear a "squish" sound. Her carpet is soaked. So, after going over it several times with the carpet machine, we now have a DEhumidifier in her room, working around the clock.

Of course, on the day that Bruce had to work late, the day just dragged on with one thing after another. Several breathing treatments and fussiness with Owen. Connor spitting up nonstop, and screaming half the time. Irelynn beating Jay with a flag she found, with him cowering on the floor saying, "that's unpatriotic!! Obama would frown on that!!!"

Oh, yeah. And more Tonka Wonka. Because my day would not be complete without a Tonka Wonka viewing.

The good news is that all the kids are in bed right now. All but Connor. And Bruce is home...and on baby duty so I can have some computer time. Although I'm thinking maybe I'll just go to bed. I need some sleep to deal with our visitors...I'm sure Aunt Flo will be expecting coffee and donuts in the morning, and Uncle Murphy will hide them somewhere. Perhaps that will give me an excuse to get out of the house...

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  1. It can never happen in little bits at a time can it? It's always one thing on top of another. I really hope you are enjoying your quiet time right now, you deserve it after your day.