Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why I Love Kids

It was not a day for the weak. I ran out of coffee. My husband was called into work...on a Saturday. The children were all home...and getting restless.

I scrounged around the kitchen to find another suitable source of caffeine. Aha! There is coffee! Does coffee go bad? It is coffee my mother-in-law brought back from Puerto Rico...when I was still pregnant with the twins. Hmmm...only one way to find out. Yes...still good.

I come back into the kitchen after changing Owen. I see Irelynn has the markers out...and has purple streaks on her face.

"Irelynn...did you color on yourself?"


"What are you supposed to color on?"

"Um, paper or sumthin' I think."


"Yes, Irelynn...paper. We only color on paper."


I continue on into the living room to find Connor with a wide-eyed expression in the exersaucer. His hair is standing on end. Next to him, with a satisfied grin, is my 13-year-old...also with his hair standing on end.

"Look...he looks like a Super Saiyan."

I cringe at the Dragon Ball reference. Just what I other two boys to grow up obsessed with it.

The day drags on, with the older children growing more bored by the minute. I finally break up a fight by pulling out some blueberry muffin mix and telling Marissa to bake. It was a simple set of instructions...not (too) much could go wrong.

Jaylond preoccupies himself by building an elaborate backdrop and set for his bionicles. He is attempting to do a stop animation film. This project took up a good part of five hours. This endeavor consumed my dining room, and almost turned into a disaster movie with the onslaught of the monster toddler. I was very grateful when he wrapped up for the day.

Irelynn, not used to having to share the TV, fought with her sister over whether they were to watch "Harry Potter" or "Scooby Doo."

Thank goodness my husband came home soon after that, with Chinese food in hand...and a bottle of wine. I knew there was a reason I loved him.

I must admit, as frustrating as my children can be at times...they are a neverending source of amusement.

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