Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go Team!

It appears we have a basketball fan in our family...and it's not my husband. The other night, Bruce was flipping through channels, when Irelynn told him, "wait! Go back! Basketball!"

The Pistons were playing. We looked at each other and shrugged.

She began giving us the play by play. "He throw the ball! Mom...look...go! Go go go! Go my team! The blue guys my team. Go my team!"

I am trying to remember if there were any Backyardigans or Dora episodes involving basketball.

Last night, American Idol was on. Usually she is a big fan. We were feeding the babies, when we heard what sounded like...crying? Or...yelling? I'm not sure...but it didn't sound good. I put the bottle down, and ran back to our bedroom, the source of the sound.

There I found our toddler...remote control in hand....yelling at the TV. She had changed the channel and found a basketball game.

"Go my team! Go go! What the hell?"



Now, she may not have gotten her love of basketball from my husband...but her vocabulary...well, I'm pretty sure that didn't come from Dora.


  1. That's my girl...she probably got it channeling her Auntie Trey ;-)

    You can't get mad at her if she swears in the correct context!

  2. Too funny!!

    And there IS an episode of Backyardigans involving a game of basketball. Trust me. I'm sure I've seen it at least three times....:)