Thursday, April 23, 2009

Virtually Cool

I used to make fun of sites like MySpace and Facebook. I firmly believed that I was too old for such nonsense. Although I haven't quite bridged the gap between rock band tees and mom pants (though the troll underneath the bridge is beginning to mock my BNL shirt,) I had always viewed these sites as a way for young, single people to mingle. Alas, a friend of mine convinced me to start an account.

What I have found is that although there are plenty of young people mingling...(as stated in one movie, "MySpace is the new bootycall")...there are also several people my age and older also using these sites as a way to keep in touch. I have found myself actually searching for old friends...and family. I have uploaded photos of my children. I have even found myself actually sitting at my computer for a good five minutes contemplating something deep or witty to write for my "status."

Now, this may seem like a waste of time for a mother of five children. However, I have found some serious benefits. Such as actually having contact with the outside world, albiet virtually. I can hold adult "conversations" with people. I can see in a list of short blurbs what is happening with people I know. Plus, I have learned the intricate language of texting. Which comes in handy with my preteens, who think they are speaking to each other in code.

The older girl responded to her brother the other day with, "WTF??"

To which I responded, "watch your abbreviated language, young lady!"

The kids are beginning to think I'm psychic. Because, you see, it must be some form of magic or a sixth sense that I possess, as opposed to me actually being in touch with modern day society. In a preteen's eyes...29 is ancient. Despite my bootcut jeans and rockin' tee-shirt. They openly gawk when I break out with a "LOL" or "BRB." I guess even with the right language, I don't really "fit in."

That's friends on Facebook think I'm cool.


  1. I definitely think your cool! I love to be able to do a quick catch up on the peeps I never see or talk to. It's so much easier, for example I have my brother (who's in college) and his girlfriend as "friends". I try not to peek at their party pictures but at least this way I know how their classes are going and they can get updates on the kids.

  2. I just had to ask one of my friends what LMAF and ROTF ment. I guess I could of asked one of the TEENS.

  3. That's okay - Chris doesn't have a clue as to what any of the text abbrevs. are! YOU GO GIRL! The rest of think your cool - and our BFF.

    By the way what does ROTF mean? I know LMAF.


  4. Generally ROTF is followed by "L"...which means "Rolling On The Floor Laughing." There are variations, such as ROTFLMAO "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off," ROTFLOL, "Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud." means you find whatever you saw/heard funny. Hee hee.