Wednesday, April 29, 2009

30-Day Shred

It was one of those spontaneous moments. My husband was home for the day. The older two were still at school. All three little ones were napping. I racked my brains...we had to be out of something. Freezer bags. And the older girl needed deodorant.

"Honey...should I run to the store while the kids are sleeping?"

He was half asleep in the bed. He mumbled his approval. Suh-weet!

I grabbed my keys, and my purse and headed out the door. I usually head to Meijer, only a few minutes away. But...he was home. I didn't have to be home before the older kids got home. I drove past Meijer. I got on the expressway.

I passed the onramp for Canada, briefly pondering an out of country trip. Maybe that would be pressing my luck.

I drove on up through Port Huron. I was headed for Target. I wasn't sure how I was going to explain my trek to my husband...but he does know how badly I've been wanting to get out...I figured he would understand.

It is truly amazing how many things you notice at the store when you don't have crying babies, toddlers that you have to chase through the aisles, and preteens constantly asking "can we get this??" Usually I am so focused on getting done, that I only notice the items on the list, the lady handing out free samples (because my kids are begging to have one) and the odd items that my toddler puts in the cart that I have to return.

I perused the office area, looking for innovative ways to get more organized. I did not find any...but I saw the cutest journals and notepads. I looked through the cleaning aisles. I tried to remember my budget.

Then, I went through the fitness aisle. I look through the different videos. Dancing with the Stars? The Firm...60-minute workout....hay-ell no. The only time I have an hour to myself is at 2am...and I don't plan on working out at that time. Then I find a video by some trainer from that TV series...Biggest Loser...or something like that. Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred. It consisted of 20-minute workouts at different levels...and promised that you could lose up to 20lbs in 30-days. went in the cart.

Yesterday I started the workout. Well, I tried to start the workout. I got through it...having to pause it a few times to give a baby a pacifier, distract a baby with toys, and put a baby back in bed. So...I thought that I wasn't going to really feel much in the way of results. And I didn't. Yesterday.

Today my legs don't seem to want to move. My shoulder muscles are so tight I'm positive they are going to snap. Luckily most of the times I hit "pause" were during the ab sections, so my abs are actually quite fine today. I am impressed with this video. Although I thought "shred" was supposed to be a good thing...not what the workout was literally going to do to your muscles.

I am determined now, though. One, I have to justify spending the money on the silly video. Two...I have to prove to my husband (and myself) that I actually have the willpower to follow through with something. And three...if I don't lose weight while doing this thing...there is seriously something wrong with me.

Oh, yeah...and four...Irelynn thinks I have a big butt.

Perhaps if this works out well, my next Target whim will be to by some new pants...


  1. Oh you silly woman, you could of had it for FREE. I have that DVD and I know how you feel. I am still on level one!

  2. Score on the video find. Know that I'm totally ENVIOUS that you got to go shopping sans kids. Dude!