Sunday, April 26, 2009


Although this was not the first time I have ventured out with all three little was the first time I did so by choice, and not necessity. Although...sometimes there is a fine line between the two.

Day in and day out being trapped in the house with babies and a toddler who wants nothing more than to step outside and blow bubbles can produce high levels of Cabin Fever. And, then, when you add nice, warm weather and bright sunlight, inducing Spring Fever on top of that...well, you end up with a full blown case of NeedToGetOutOfTheHouse-itis. The situation was dire. Having run out of coffee, I was resorting to inhaling Pixie Stix. I knew I needed help.

I dressed the boys in the cutest outfits I could find. I re-dressed Irelynn, who had emerged from her bedroom in jeans, mismatched socks, and a big, poufy yellow dress that she had on...backwards. She instead wore a little skirt and tank top...her Tinkerbell baseball cap...and Spongebob sunglasses. The diaper bag was packed...we were set to go.

"Mommy...I drive today? I do the steering wheel?"

"No, aren't old enough to drive."

"But I older now."

"Yeah? How old are you now?"


"Well, that's still not old enough to drive."

"Oh. Okay. Maybe I drive tomorrow, then."

We arrived at Blockbuster and took a full 10-minutes getting out of the van. Owen went in the stroller. Connor was strapped to my front. Irelynn, after much discussion on whether or not she was able to ride in the stroller instead of Owen (um, no,) decided she would walk next to me.

The lady behind the counter stared at us. Her jaw dropped, but she quickly regained her composure.

Irelynn skipped by the racks of movies and merchandise, and pointed out various points of interest.

"Look, Mommy! Barack Obama! Look...Rock Band! I see Tinkerbell!'s Daddy!" I look to see a picture of Adam Sandler.

Owen looks around from the stroller, and Connor babbles at him from the baby carrier. I start noticing a slight stench. Great. That figures.

We pick out the movie "Bolt" and head to the counter.

The lady looks cautiously at us.

"How far apart are they?" she is indicating the twins.

"About two minutes."

"Oh...they're twins? Wow."

Irelynn pipes up.

"They are Owen and Connor."

She finishes ringing us up, and we are about to head out...I wait for it...maybe she won't say it...

"Have a nice looks like you have your hands full!"

Ugh. I should have known.

I smile.

"Yup. It's a good thing I have a good little helper!"

We take 10-minutes to get back into the van. Then we head to McDonald's.

"I want chicken nuggets, ketchup, and a chocolate handshake!"

Sounds good to me.

Then we headed for Grandma's house. wasn't the most eventful outing...but it was an outing, nonetheless. My symptoms have started to fade...greasy food helped. I'm not quite cured...but with a few more outings, preferably when my husband comes home from work so I can go sans little ones, and I may just be on the road to recovery.


  1. Oh man now a chocolate handshake sounds so good, way to go Irelynn!! Did she finally stop saying "Oh Crap" at all the rain?

  2. At least you made it out of the house with a huge disaster. When I started reading I thought to myself "Oh No! What happened?!" ... uh nothing LOL that's awesome shows that you are becoming a pro and the kids are growing up too. Try the park next time so the boys can roll of the blanket and into grass.

  3. So Bruce is Adam Sandler, huh? According to Teresa, Dennis is Greg Wiggle!

    So do you snort the Pixie Stix or just eat them really, really fast? I can't drink coffee, so I'm willing to try anything! ; )

  4. So, I guess your twins really *are* Irish twins, huh? :P