Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Girl Bed

It was time.

I have prolonged this moment as long as humanly possible. My toddler had not yet learned to climb out of her crib. Those bars were my friend. They ensured that she stayed in bed at night. They mandated naptime. They will be sorely missed.

The twins have been sharing a crib. It worked out great...for awhile. Now that they have mastered the skills of rolling, grabbing and's not so great. Owen will steamroll his brother. Connor will steal Owen's binky. Owen will kick Connor. In short...neither the boys or my husband and I were getting much sleep, anyway.

And the moment finally came. Irelynn figured out how to climb out of her crib. We aren't sure how she did it...but she came bounding out into the living room the other morning.

"I did it myself!!"

It was time.

The crib was moved into the boys' room. The toddler bed was set up in Irelynn's room. We bought her Tinkerbell bedding with matching curtains. I bought a sheer purple canopy with pink butterflies. It was adorable. She loved it. She wanted to go to bed early. Bruce and I looked at each other, eyebrows raised. She gave us hugs and kisses, and bid us goodnight. started.

"Um...I have to go potty."

After she goes potty, we put her back in bed.

"I have to brush my teeth."

We put her back in bed.

"I need more kisses."

I kissed her, and put her back in bed.

"I have to put my books away."

"Sammy in my room...I have to get him out."

"I think I watch TV now."

"I get my baby doll."

Each time, we carried her back to her bed. Finally, either she ran out of excuses, or she just collapsed out of exhaustion...but she fell asleep. In bed.

That's when we collapsed out of exhaustion.

Was it really time? Really?

I want an extension.

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