Sunday, March 22, 2009

Taking twins to the doctor

I was out the door in record time. The diaper bag was ready to go, stocked with diapers, formula, extra outfits, and even a game for Irelynn. Like an assembly line, I loaded the little ones into the van, one by one. I smiled as I headed to my mother's house. This was going well. It wouldn't be too bad.

After picking up my mom, we headed to the doctor's office. Upon arriving, Irelynn's coat was on the floor and she bounded over to the magazines. Then I realized that Owen had been busy on the way to the doctor. It also dawned on me, that as prepared as I was...he was wearing a cloth diaper. I forgot to put him in a disposable one before we left. Horrible images of trying to dunk a diaper in a public toilet flashed before my eyes. I asked if they had a place to change a diaper. The receptionist led me back to a room.

Luckily, due to the fact that they are eating solids now, I was able to use the wipe to pick up the mess, with nothing remaining on the diaper. I relaxed somewhat. Owen smiled up with me, pleased with his nakedness. I grabbed a disposable diaper from the bag...and realized that my boys have grown. Apparently they should be in size 3 diapers now. I stretched the tabs around his rolls and hoped they would hold.

It was finally our turn. Owen went first, because he was getting very cranky. I'm sure the too small diaper didn't help. As soon as he was looked over, I asked the doctor if I could run him back to my mom in the waiting room to have a bottle before he got his shots. I recieved numerous stares and a few giggles as I ran with my mostly naked screaming baby back to the waiting room, and asked my mom if she could feed him.

I came back to get Connor undressed and on the table. He was all grins, completely clueless as to what was coming. The doctor finished up with him, gave me instructions to take Owen over to the hospital to get X-rays on his lungs (he has had trouble with wheezing for several weeks, despite numerous medications,) and then left the nurse to do the dirty work.

Connor grinned up at her. She turned him so his legs were facing her and told me to hold his arms. The grin started to fade as he realized he was being pinned. Then came the first shot. Now, Owen can be pretty fussy at times, and certainly cries now and then. But it is nothing compared to the sound that can come out of his brother. Connor let loose with a scream that must have terrified every child in the waiting room. Then came the second shot. He continued to scream until he had trouble breathing. I decided I'd better rush him out to my mother to get a bottle to calm him down. I quickly put on his sleeper, and ran him out, swapping him out with Owen.

Irelynn tried to chase after me, and I tried to tell her to stay with Grandma. I see a toddler running down the hall in just a diaper as a frantic mother chases after him. We smile at each other as she scoops her escapee up and heads back to their room.

I set Owen on the table, finally calmed down from earlier. I braced myself. I knew what was coming. First, the lip. Then the slow whimper that got louder. The tears began forming. The nurse asked if I was going to be ok. I nodded. I wiped my tears away, and pulled myself together.

I looked down at Owen, still not sure what was happening yet.

The first shot went in....and his lip went out and the tears streamed down. Not as loud as Connor, but more heartbreaking. He got his second shot, and cried louder. We were finally done. I frantically dressed him, and we went through the major procedure of getting the boys back in their carseats, Irelynn back in her coat, and getting out the door.

Luckily, despite the long walk through the hospital while carrying the carseats (I had not known we'd have to go there, and the double stroller was left at home)...this trip actually went smoother. Irelynn was a little more restless, but she entertained the receptionists by informing them that she wanted money and flowers. They smiled and commented on how she was already in touch with what every woman wants. Irelynn agreed.

We started to have a bit of a meltdown when we reached the X-ray waiting room. The receptionist was behind a glass window...with large animal clings plastered to it. Irelynn thought it was one of those machines with a claw meant for grabbing stuffed animals. She began demanding, loudly, money so she could get a zebra. After several rounds of explaining that there was no zebra, and it was not a game, I finally ask my mom if she will walk her down to the gift shop. Luckily this pacified the toddler long enough to get Owen's X-rays done.

We finally got home, and my fussy boys finally drifted off into an uneasy sleep. I also put Irelynn to bed....and collapsed onto the couch.

I remembered then that I still had to take all of the kids out to the that Jaylond could pick up a birthday present for his friend...who's party was at 5pm. It's a good thing we had beer in the fridge for later.

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  1. Oh man, My nerves were getting frazzled just reading that.