Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Angry Toddler vs. Stupid Cat

You could feel the tension in the room. It was almost tangible...I tried to concentrate on my Frosted Mini Wheats and ignore the pending doom. The toddler was in a sour mood. Having been denied the desired breakfast combination of M&M's and soda, she stormed through the house, having been reduced to making noises that closely resembled a bobcat crossed with a bear. Wearing only "big girl" underwear, and too stubborn for clothes, she draped the baby's blanket around her shoulders like a cape and stomped through the house.

Dobby, the cat (the one who plays Candyland,) sat just out of the way, watching her with intense scrutiny. He was waiting to make his move. The toddler, unaware of the crouching feline, glared at me as she made her second round through the house. The blanket, trailing behind her, crossed Dobby's path, and his claws latched on. It took the toddler a moment, too fixated on her path of destruction, to realize the blanket was not coming along willingly. I cringed. She grunted, and pulled harder. The cat clung on...and began to slide across the floor.

Upon realizing what was happening, the toddler howled out in anger. She yanked with more force, dragging the cat across the living room. Dobby clung on for dear life, as the toddler started walking in circles around the living room. I begin to wonder if I should step in. However, I am hungry. And I am finding this somewhat amusing. So I sit.

The toddler, her shoulders pushing forward, builds up a little more speed, with Connor watching anxiously from his exersaucer. As she made the final round, the cat spun around, his head making contact loudly with the exersaucer. It was enough to free him from the blanket, and send the toddler into the couch. Connor let out a shriek of laughter. Dobby shook it off and left the room. The toddler burst out in a fit of giggles.

I'm not sure who the winner was, but my toddler was now in a better mood, and ready to eat some applesauce. I could live with that.


  1. Poor Dobby didn't even know he was the butt of the joke! I have noticed that Dorie has learned not to cross Ladon's path when he is in a bad mood. She is the only think littler than him.

  2. Too funny! At least we get some entertainment in exchange for all of the hard work...

    And she's wearing big girl underwear?! Yay Irelynn! : )

  3. She is wearing big girl underwear...and I credit Teresa for it! She wants to be just like her best friend. :)

  4. LOL poor Dobby, he didn't stand a chance!