Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Mornings

It is too early on a Saturday.  I remember days when Saturday was a day to sleep recharge.  I do remember having to wake up with the other kids...but there is a big difference between crawling out of bed early and sitting down with one child to watch Saturday morning cartoons...or plopping them on the floor with some toys while you groggily sip your coffee...and enduring the chaos that two toddlers (and a preschooler) can create before the sun even rises. 

I still groggily sip my coffee (which took entirely way to long to brew)...but instead of Playhouse Disney or the Kids WB entertaining my bright-eyed children...they are screaming....over a banana.  Connor grips it from one end, while Owen tugs the other.  While Owen has the brute strength, and would seem to have the upperhand in the banana battle, Connor has the wit, and the footwork.  The dance preschooler looking on with glee.  As they circle around, screaming, I wonder whether I should intervene.  Connor has already eaten his half of the banana...Owen, though he never really finishes it, deserves the other half.  However, my coffee cup is still full...I have yet to take an official drink.  There is a delicate balance one must maintain this early in the morning...the coffee intake quotient must be equal to or exceed the reaction level of any situation involving children.  I have not met my quotient.

In the end, neither twin won.  Connor gave up, but not to be outdone, squeezed the end of the banana so that it released from the peel, thus bringing Owen to the floor...with a squished banana.  He then decided it would be of better use to paint the couch.  Again...not enough coffee to deal...

My preschooler has dressed herself in the meantime.  She comes out of her bedroom in a pink, brown and white floral dress shirt...some shorts with colorful animals on camo rain boots...and a navy hooded sweatshirt.  Mental note:  we will not go anywhere public today. 

Now the boys are battling over a toy. the mother of twins, I have taken into account that they will fight over toys...which is why we have two of almost everything.  The match to this toy is sitting a few feet away.  I do stand up to pick up said toy, and hold it out in offering.  Apparently the one they are currently fighting over is special...because neither care about the other.  The screaming is reaching levels that I'm sure have the neighbors wondering whether or not I beat my children.

Connor won...Owen dramatically falls to the floor and expresses his frustration. 

Oh how I long for the days when I could sit on the couch and ponder what drugs the people were on who created cartoons such as Pokemon.  And to think...I was upset back then about having to get up this early...what a fool I was. 

The boys finally went down for a nap at 8am.  I am on my third cup of coffee, and praying that their sister does not play with anything loud enough to wake them. 

I wonder if Pokemon is on?  I think I may have reached my coffee quotient for dealing with anime.

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