Monday, May 17, 2010

Life Animated

Sometimes my life feels like a cartoon.  Of course, it would be one of those ones geared for older audiences...although there are certain characteristics that do reflect those tailored for the younger crowd.  The amplified sound, for example...reminiscent of Dora.  As well as the repetition...I feel as though I repeat things as much as Map. 

"Pick up your dish, rinse it, put it in the diswasher.  Pick up, rinse, dishwasher.  Say it with me!  Pick up, rinse, dishwasher!" 

Perhaps, if children actually listen and do it, we should all do the "We Did It!" song and dance afterwards. 

There is also the fact that my husband must now try to replace his swear words with the word, "smurf."

"What the smurf?  Who lost the smurfin' remote control again??!!"

Not to mention the Tazmanian Devil-esque nature of the twins.  After thoroughly cleaning the house during their naptime, they blow through the living room and dining room, curtains flying in the breeze, and mess up the entire room within 5.2 seconds (I timed them.)  Cushions on the floor, toys scattered about, baby wipes yanked out of the container and thrown on the floor, Goldfish crackers dumped and systematically crushed (how Owen does that in record time, I'll never know...he likes to "pop" the air out of each cracker.)

The chaos that accompanies dinner preparation and consumption can only be compared to an animated series of unfortunate events...the exaggerated facial expressions and commentary...the spills and mess that cause slipping, frantic cleaning, and a plethora of visual humor.  And all the noise...the noise, noise, noise, noise. 

Sometimes I envision myself sitting there...slowly drinking a massive cup of coffee...staring blankly with circles under my eyes, as a whirlwind of action takes place all around me.  I slowly take a sip, oblivious, as cushions fly over my head, children run circles around me, Connor grips my leg, something shatters in the background, and I hear a chorus of laughter and "MOM!!!" 

I wish I could take my life and shake it once in an Etch-a-Sketch.  Start it over, with a clean slate.  I would draw myself calm...the children quiet...the house clean.  Of course, it would all be void of color then.  And I guess I would lose all creativity if I had complete control. 

But sometimes it would be nice.  Boring can be good.  My world is full of color...colorful outfits on the children (sometimes a little too colorful,) colorful language coming from my husband, colorful toys littering the house.  Once in awhile it would be nice to just have some boring non-color.  Then I could appreciate it more the rest of the time.

This post was brought to you by the letter "C," which begins words like, "color," "clutter," and "coffee." 

I had a brilliant ending...but I see that Irelynn is trying to clean out her recorder with a squirt gun.  I must go chase her down while some catchy theme music plays in the background...

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