Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oatmeal Antics

Sometimes I think I should pop some popcorn, and just sit and watch my children.  They never fail to amuse me.  I buy oatmeal in bulk at Sam's Club, as it is one thing that the whole family can agree on for breakfast.  Another reason, newly discovered, is that it provides ample entertainment for the twins if I set the box on the floor in the living room, having dumped the packets out, and get them to toss the packets back into the box.  For some reason...this is the coolest thing EVER.  It keeps them busy for quite some time.

The other morning I made Irelynn some oatmeal, and after removing Connor from the top of the table as Irelynn screamed and held her bowl protectively to her chest, I pulled out the box, and set the twins up with some packets.  They giggled as they tossed them into the box.  Then Irelynn called me to the kitchen.

"How many bites do I have to take?"  She gazed up at me with her Backyardigans bicycle helmet on, swinging her legs back and forth.  This is how we go into every meal...with a bite count.  She cannot eat anything without knowing exactly how many bites she must take to be "done." 

As I tried to calculate how many bites it would take to eat about half of what she had left, I hear a scream...and a giggle...from the living room.

I run out there to find Owen sitting in the oatmeal box...with Connor sitting on his lap.  I remove the grinning boy off of his brother, and try to pull Owen out of the box.  His butt was firmly planted in it.  He started to whine.  Connor started to giggle, pointing at his brother.  I finally yanked the box off of his bottom and set him down. 

Perhaps I should eat oatmeal instead of popcorn while I watch them...the packets are already out on the floor, anyway.  If only I could adjust the volume, I'd be all set.

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