Friday, March 19, 2010

Deer, quit scaring the kids...

I have found some strange things in my yard before.  Particularly with having never know what might get left out there.  I have even found dead animals before...mice, birds...even an occasional rabbit.  Nothing could have prepared me, however, for our latest discovery...the head of a deer.  Not mounted...just cut off, and laying in our backyard. 

It was the first really nice, warm day of the season.  I took all three younger kids out into the yard (a risk, I know...we don't have a fence, so I knew I'd be chasing children.)  At first, Connor was unsure of the ground.  It was then that I realized the poor child had very rarely been outside.  As he awkwardly stepped onto the lawn, he looked up at me and started this slow, sad whine. He stood on one foot, afraid to put the other one back down on the uneven ground.  Owen, on the other hand, was in all his glory.  His eyes glistened with his newfound freedom.  He took off running...and, predictably, within about 10-seconds, fell flat on his face.  He laughed it off, though, and took off again.  I had to carry the whiny child over to the swingset. 

It did not take Connor too long to decide it was acceptable, and off he went, running across the yard, with me and Irelynn hot on his heels.  It was then that we met our new friend.

"MOMMY!!  WHAT is that???"

I grabbed Connor's arm and held my other arm out to stop Irelynn.  I redirected them, and took a closer look.  Sure enough, it was the face of a deer, staring up at me.  There was an orange DNR tag still stuck to one of it's short, nubby antlers.  Now...I have grown up in a family of hunters, so I am not a stranger to dead deer, or deer parts, for that matter.  However, there is still something about seeing a deer head sitting in your yard that is super creepy. 

Luckily, my brother came and "saved the day," by removing the head from the yard.  Irelynn watched carefully...she was positive that the deer was going to come and get her.  I let her watch Chris take it away (from the kitchen window,) only so she knew that it was gone.  It had really freaked her out.

I am hoping that some large dog had dragged it over from someplace...and that it was not intentionally left there by someone.  We did call the DNR and filed a complaint...they can trace who it "belonged" to from the tag. 

I can never say my life is boring.

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  1. You really do have the most random stuff happen to you. ;-) ~Trey