Monday, July 20, 2009

Three going on Thirteen

I take my daughter by the hand and lead her down the backpack aisle. It is a big moment...the first time we go "school shopping" for her. I smile as I see the Dora and Princess backpacks. This is going to be so cute. Will she go with the Tinkerbell one? I am focusing so hard that I didn't notice her slip her hand out of mine and move down a couple of feet.

"Look Mommy! Hannah Montana!"

I glance over, and sure enough, next to the "Witches of Waverly Place" and "iCarly" backpacks is "Hannah Montana."

"Yeah...Hannah Montana....did you see these Princess ones?"

"MOMMY!!! Jonas Brothers!!!"

"I thought I saw Tinkerbell over there...."

"I WANT THIS ONE!!!" She excitedly grabs an iCarly backpack, based on a show that the older two (and Irelynn, I must say,) watch religiously on Nickelodeon.

"Um...are you sure?"

"Yes!" She puts it on and, with a wide grin, struts down the aisle.

I suppose I should have seen it coming after the shopping trip we had just made. She had saved up every quarter, every allowance dollar, every coin she had ever received. She proudly carried her bulging wallet through Wal-Mart and picked out....a Jonas Brothers CD. She had been saving for it for weeks. She gets a dollar allowance a week for cleaning her room and helping me pick up all the baby toys everyday....which she had been doing without fail in order to save up for this CD. The cashier was thoroughly amused to see my three-year-old pay for it at the checkout counter.

On the way home, we listened to her new CD, while she happily clung to her blue backpack adorned with the image of a smiling famous teenage girl.

I actually don't mind that this morning Dora is yelling on our least I know that part of her hasn't grown up too much yet.

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  1. Well, her preschool teacher should know exactly what backpack is Irelynns. I must say none of my preschoolers have had an ICarly bag!