Monday, July 13, 2009

College Chaos

Why did I think putting the children in summer classes at the community college would be a good idea again? Yeah, credit...a good learning experience...something to occupy their time. I somehow did not have the foresight to realize just how I was to accomplish this with FIVE children.

The day began with the older girl losing her glasses. Which somehow became everyone else's fault. As did the fact that she could not find her white sandals. Along with the fact that the second pair of glasses that she owns (that she picked out at the time) "look stupid."

There were no clean bowls. The children actually had to wash out a bowl to eat breakfast...only to find out that we were out of 2% milk, forcing them to succumb to the ultimate grossness that is my skim milk.

They also did not get through their laundry, and therefore because their clothes were still in the washer and dryer, and I wasn't able to do a load of towels, there were no clean towels to take showers. This, too, was apparently my fault.

Somehow, through the chaos of searching for lost items, cleaning banana off the bottom of my foot that Connor had thrown off the high chair, packing up babies, and grabbing the school schedules...we all managed to pull out of the house a half hour before Jay's class started.

Not being familiar with the college myself, there was a momentary clog in the works as I tried to figure out, between detours, construction, and "permit-only" parking, how to get to the building on the far side of the campus. We ended up parking, and putting one baby in an umbrella stroller while I carried the other. With the toddler in tow (who had insisted on wearing her rain boots for some reason,) we set out on our trek across campus. We were running late. As we tried to speed up, the boots got the better of the toddler, and she tripped on the sidewalk, scraping her knee. I handed Connor to Jay, told the older girl to push the stroller with Owen, and picked up the toddler. We finally made it into the building....he was the last one to arrive to class. I apologized to the teacher, who looked at my sniffling toddler with a bloody knee, two wide-eyed babies, and the preteen girl, smiled, and said, "it's okay...totally understandable."

Poor Jaylond.

On the way back to the van...the toddler tripped again, scraping her other knee. So, the whole way home she was crying, Connor was fussing, and the older girl was telling them both to be quiet.

Thank goodness their aunt has offered to take the older girl to her afternoon class and pick up Jaylond in the middle of the I will only have to pick up the older girl when her class is over.


It's only 10:30 and I want to go back to bed.


  1. Thought I'd see a posting about the wonderful trip home from Gaylord!

  2. LOL...I think I've tried to block it from my memory...I remember having the brilliant idea to stop at Birch Run to look around and get everyone out of the van. All I remember is a preteen who took a loooooooong time in a dressing room, a 3-year-old who also wanted to try things on, who through a major tantrum in Old Navy, and screaming babies. There was also a husband who cursed the stopped traffic a few times...


    I will still be braving it, though, when he leaves for Canada, LOL...we'll just have to split the older two up between mine and Candace's cars....