Saturday, July 25, 2009

Survival of the Fittest

Twins are fascinating little creatures. It is not dissimilar to watching one of those wild animal shows on the Discovery search of food, smaller animals and the toy that makes the loudest noise, they demonstrate the skills necessary to survive in a household full of children...the youngest being the same age.

Connor, for instance, not as physically adept as his brother, has learned the fine art of the pitiful cry, causing concerned parents to scoop him up at a moments notice. Owen, relying on brute strength and speed, has mastered crawling to get to his destination.

Owen was thought to be in the lead, having learned to crawl much earlier than his brother, and pulling up to his knees. Connor was still not understanding that his knees need to bend in order to his brother would pass him up, leaving Connor in an awkward Downward Facing Dog position. Connor would look on in frustration, outdone by his brother again.

We have learned, though, that you must not underestimate the trailing twin. Yesterday, upon entering their bedroom, I discovered that Connor had made his mark. Literally. He may not have been the first to crawl...but he was the first of the twins to remove his diaper, stand up in his crib...and pee through the bars. My naked baby stood there, in all his glory, with a wide grin on his face. His brother sat in the other crib, giggling.

Connor now crawls...not as expertly as Owen, but he gets where he needs to go...and now also stands, which his brother has not yet accomplished. It shall be interesting to see how Owen responds.

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