Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Samson and Delilah

Samson, my cat, is severly deprived. Weighing in at just over 15lbs, he cries at the slightest sign that the food is getting low in his bowl. He needs attention...constantly. Which, apparently, just as we are starving him, we must not be giving him the affection he needs...because he is beginning to demand it from the babies. He will gracefully turn and fall backward into their laps, his stomach spreading onto the floor. My delighted boys will then proceed to yank his tail, and grab his ears...and I will occasionally find fists full of fur. Does the cat move? No. I suppose having five kids makes you neglect your pets...I cannot fathom any other reason the cat feels the need to torture himself.

Come to think of it...he did the same thing with Irelynn when she was a baby. I would have to say that in over fifty-percent of the photos I have of her...Samson is also in the photo. No wonder I have problems explaining to her that he is "everybody's" cat...not just her cat. He was a staple in her first years....as well as the song, "Hey there, Delilah," by the Plain White T's. I have that entire song memorized due to the fact that we had it on repeat on my computer so that my child could sway and sing along. Luckily she has moved past "Delilah," and has new favorites, including, but not limited to, "Pocketful of Sunshine," the theme song to "iCarly," and just about anything from the Jonas Brothers. But everytime I hear "Hey there, Delilah," on the radio, I can't help but think of Irelynn.

As the pictures begin to accumulate of the twins...I will have to see if Samson is still a background fixture. I wonder if they will have favorite songs as toddlerss that will drive me insane?

I have a funny feeling that when my kids are grown and have moved out, I will be sitting alone...petting Samson....with "Hey there, Delilah" playing on repeat in the background.

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