Monday, May 4, 2009

Ramblings of a Tired Mom

I am staring at my dining room floor, which is a lovely kaleidoscope of colors. Sauce from macaroni and cheese...Gerber stage 2 pink Play-Doh...something purple....and I'm not sure, but there might be something the cat yakked up. I am drinking my reheated coffee, while hiding from my 8-month-old, who refuses to eat, sleep, or be set down. He is currently in the exersaucer, and distracted by Dragon Tales...but if he catches a glimpse of me, it's all over. Luckily his twin brother is sleeping peacefully in their bedroom.

Their older sister is walking around in pink and purple striped pajamas, asking for candy. Out of fear that she will reveal my hidden location...I slip her some Starburst. She did eat a banana and some Corn I don't feel too guilty.

I really need to clean the floor today...even if nothing else gets done. And, with Connor's current adversion to sleep, that might be the only thing accomplished today...with him strapped to me.

I suppose while he's distracted I should throw something in the Crock-Pot...because if I don't start something now, I'm sure I will be trying to convince my husband to pick up some McDonald's on the way home later. Of course, the toddler would think he was a super hero if he walked in the house with a Happy Meal in could I deny him that kind of admiration?

Rationalizing reasons to get fast food while you hide from your baby are definite signs that you need a vacation. Uh oh...I think Connor just remembered that he's not happy.

I suppose I could only hide for so long.


  1. Do you want directions on how to get here (your in-laws place upnorth)? WITH OR without kids is ok too! OR I SUPPOSE YOU COULD CONVINCE THEIR AUNT CANDACE TO BRING THEM UP (I am just talking about the three younger wants.... sorry Jay and Older Girl) - - YOUR FATHER-IN-LAW - -

  2. I get to leave all the kids home? You know, put the oldest kid, my husband, in charge and head up north? Because I might take you up on that...