Friday, May 8, 2009

The Princess and the Toad

My second cup of coffee was cold, sitting on the to the half-eaten bowl of baby oatmeal. I had dressed Connor in some comfortable pants and a shirt...we were headed for a playdate, and I figured my friend wouldn't care if he wasn't dressed up. Irelynn came out of her room in a dress.

"Irelynn...I picked out some clothes for you. They're on the couch."

"But I wear dress because we're going to see Teresa and Nathan."

"Honey, you're going to be need to wear play clothes."

She looked down at her dress, thinking for a moment. Then she took it off and went over to the clothes I had laid out.

I went back to the bedroom to grab Owen and bring him out. I set him down on the floor next to Connor, and began to change his diaper. Now, with two baby boys, you'd think I have this process down...but it only took a split second. The diaper came off...and the stream of urine shot up into the air...and down on Connor.

"Mommy...Owen peed on Connor. Whoa...and the blanket...and his shirt...."

"Yes, Irelynn, I know."

I changed the boys into the new outfits that their aunt got them, because unfortunately, we have very little clothing left that fits them. Their 3-6month clothing is too small, and the next size up that we have bags of, all 12 months and bigger. Figures. So, both boys were styling in their button down shirts and cargo shorts. We were finally ready to go.

I have never pictured my outspoken toddler as the princess-type. I mean...I'm not the princess-type. But, now that I think about it...she does have a Tinkerbell themed bedroom. She knows the Disney princesses by name. She likes to wear dresses. Oh man...I have one of those girls. But I still don't quite realize it until I watch her play with other kids.

When we get there, her friends run up to greet us at the, in shorts and tee-shirts, with little smudges of dirt on their cheeks. I look down at my toddler...braids in her hair, her play clothes consisting of velour bright green running pants, a pink shirt, and a hooded jacket. I don't think she's ever been outside without shoes on.

They run out back, and begin to play. As the morning wore on, my toddler began losing clothes. First the shoes...then the socks. Later I look out to see her pants around her ankles. The bottom of her pants were soaked...she decided they were no longer necessary. I laughed, wondering what her father would think if he could see our little girl running around a Pull-Up and tee-shirt...with dirt on her face and in her hair, in search of toads.

I put her in the change of clothes I brought with us when it was time to leave. As we headed out, the rain began to pour down. Uh-oh...she usually freaks out when it rains, trying to run toward shelter.

"Ok...ready Irelynn? Let's go!"

I run out with one baby in hand toward the van. I get him situated, and run around to open the door on the other side. I look back to see my todder spinning in circles with her hands in the air.

"Whoa!! Look Mommy! I'm wet!!!"

She runs to a nearby puddle and begins jumping up and down.

I finally get her into the van, and run to get the other baby. We get settled in the van and finally pull away.


"Yes, Irelynn?"

"We come back and catch toads tomorrow?"

I smiled. I can live with a princess that likes to catch toads.


  1. Awe! Cute analogy with the princess and the toad...that's Irelynn! : )

    We had so much fun today! I'm glad Irelynn had fun, too. Can't wait for our next play date! : )

    (Sorry "Simon the Bully" beat up Connor and Owen! I hope they aren't too traumatized.)

  2. I think Connor got a kick out of Owen "the bully" getting a taste of his own medicine. ;) Hee hee.

    Irelynn had a BLAST. We will have to get together again soon...can you imagine when all our little ones are mobile??