Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Drama

I love my husband. He is a wonderful man. A wonderful father. But sometimes...I do not understand his thought process.

A few days ago we saw a news story about Obama trading cards. I laughed, and said we should get a pack for Irelynn, our little Obama-obsessed toddler. I kid you not...this child is his biggest fan. And I'm not sure why. She has a picture of him on her dresser. She borrows her older sister's pom-poms to run down the halls, cheering "Go Obama, Go Obama, Go!" But I digress.

The other day, my husband calls me from work to inform me that he spent some money.

"Ok...on what?"

"Well, I spent fifty dollars on a case of Obama cards."


After several rounds of me saying he's joking, and him assuring me that he is not, he explained, in typical Bruce fashion, why this purchase was justified. You was a really good deal. Single packs were going for $12 each. He was not about to spend $12 on one pack of cards.

Um...but you will spend FIFTY DOLLARS on TWENTY-FOUR packs?! What the hell are we going to do with 24 packs of Obama cards???

I believe I struck fear into his heart, because he assures me that upon recieving said case of cards, he will promptly resell them on E-Bay. After, of course, giving each of our kids a pack. Which we hope will not be treated as carelessly as Jaylond's Magic the Gathering cards. Because, you know...they should be worth alot of money someday. Or so my husband assures me.

Nothing like being broke and spending $50 on trading cards. I mean, come on...that totally cuts into the beer fund. What was he thinking?


  1. That's the American way. What a patriotic S.O.B.. Nothing better than loving your president and trying to make money off of the exitement surrounding him. Ofcourse, the irish in me paniced at the thought of how this could cut into the beer fund. Then that same part of me thought, "The economy is crashing around me. I lost my job. Got called back. Things are crazy. Yet, I had the presence of mind to procure a memorable gift for my kids and make a shrude business decision. That deserve a beer mate. So, I bought beer on the way home from work anyway. Hey, we deserve it." Cheers

  2. At least your husband didn't commit to a time-share condo in the Carribbean.... I made him drive back to Detroit the next day and tell them he made a terrible mistake...

    There are so many times that wish we DID have the condo though.... I'd definitely take you with me! :)

    Now, every time I see one of those commercials for the Barack Obama collectible coins, I think of you and giggle!

  3. LOL! I'd go with you anyday!

    I'm glad I could make Barack funny. ;)