Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm calling Brangelina...

I wonder if they'd take one more.

Owen is very fussy this morning, which is unusual. He is my laid back baby. But he has been yelling at me in what sounds like Klingon all morning. Not to be outdone, Irelynn is also speaking in Klingon, because she has recently decided that if she acts like a baby she will get more attention. Nothing like having a 2-year-old rolling on the floor, blowing raspberries, and trying to cry louder than the baby.

I wonder if there is a study done on this: children reverting back to the behavior of a younger sibling's age. Jaylond acts like his younger sister...as though this is his first year of middle school and he's not quite understanding the concepts of numerous classes and time management yet. His younger sister, Marissa, acts like her toddler sister....stomping her feet and throwing tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. Irelynn, as previously mentioned, has now started acting like a baby.

Hmmm....that doesn't explain why Owen acts like a Klingon. Although I'm sure my husband would have an answer...he is full of alien theories.

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