Sunday, December 26, 2010

Big Foot Sightings

My daughter (the magical bird) wanted many things for Christmas.  The most important thing, however, was not princess-related, nor was it an Easy Bake oven.  No, my little girl wanted a Fisher Price Big Foot Monster.  He walks.  He talks.  He throws a ball.  He does somersaults.  And he sings.  He also happens to terrify my son. 

Oddly enough, the twin that finds this growling, singing creature frightening is not the clingy one.  No, Connor finds him fascinating.  He pats his head and tries to take the remote from his sister.  Owen, my rough and tumble boy who makes noises that oddly resemble Big Foot's sound effects is the one who keeps a distance. 

He will stand close enough to watch the thing in action...but he always has to have an escape route.  I walk into the kitchen where Irelynn and Connor are laughing as she makes the monster sing.  Owen is peering around the corner of a cabinet.  The monster says, "BUDDY..." Owen inches a little closer.  The monster moves his eyes back and forth as he makes silly sounds.  Owen creeps a tiny bit closer.  Then, the monster exclaims, "WATCH OUT!"  He proceeds to do a somersault.

"SON A BEETCH!!"  Owen shrieks as he bolts out of the room.

I contemplated correcting our son on his language...but then I figured the tumbling monster was punishment enough, as I saw him hiding in the other room.

Man, if only these things existed when I was a would have been so much more fun tormenting my younger siblings.  We had to pretend my brother was kidnapped by aliens, having been replaced by a robot version of himself, to terrify my sister.  Although, as I recall, that worked just as well...

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  1. Apparently my dad and his older brother convinced one of their younger brothers that they trade for him at the Indian reservation for 3 blankets.