Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Magical Birds and Solid Houses

I love that my daughter has an imagination.  I'm not really sure where she got it from.  Certainly not her father.  The closest thing he has to imagination is the desire to have the Star Trek universe actually exist. I have my moments, but for the most part I am a pretty boring person, as my older children can attest to...and my older children, for that matter, are not the most imaginative kids.  My son is a very literal, black and white kid.  In fact, if you begin to get into anything abstract, you begin to confuse the poor boy.  My older daughter does not like to do activities on her own...she is more than happy to have someone else take the lead in any form of entertainment.

So how did my 4-year-old become so...creative?  I'm not sure, but she is quite entertaining.  Like, last night, for example:  she came up to me wearing Owen's mittens and my colorful scarf.

"Mom...I am a magical bird."

"A magical bird?  How are you magical?"

"Well...I can make it snow.  I can also make it rain.  And I can make it rain...candycanes."

"That is magical."

Then she started making shapes with her hands, asking me to guess what they were.

" it...a planet?"

"No,'s a submarine.  Can you guess what this one is?"

"Um...a plane?"

"Nope.  Just a triangle.  Mom...I think we should paint our house with green and red stripes.  Right now it's too solid."

I hope she never loses that sense of imagination.  She helps me realize that we could all use a little magic in our lives...especially when we live in solid houses.

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