Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can I Get Double the Xanax?

I have been afraid to update my blog. 

Updating my blog means that I have to actually take the time to sit down, compose something worth reading, and do it in the amount of time it would normally take to check my Facebook newsfeed before extracting Owen from the cat's water dish and then figure out how Connor changed everything to Spanish on the cable box.

Life with the twins has been a struggle lately.  The "Terrible Two's" has a whole new meaning with them...because the ripe old age of two would be much easier to deal with if there wasn't two of them going through this marvelous developmental stage at the same time.  Owen might not manage to scale the shelf in the living room if Connor didn't get down on his hands and knees to allow him to step on his back first.  Connor might not have the time to change the settings on the Wii if Owen didn't distract me by stripping down and peeing on the carpet.  And I'm sure that on their own they would not be able to construct a tower out of chairs, plastic bins and stuffed animals so that they could reach their sister's CD's on a high shelf. 

They would also not have the fights that only children of the same age could conjure up.  A certain toy can cause an eruption that might involve throwing things, smacking, or hiding said toy down one's diaper (or DVD, in Connor's case.)  We are trying to gather digital copies of their favorite DVD's as the boys get very possessive...apparently licking a DVD and stuffing it down the front of your diaper is a clear declaration of ownership. 

I see the dark circles forming under my eyes...and the lines on my forehead that used to only appear when I raised my eyebrows, but are now permanently etched into my skin.  I do not see the gray hairs, however, because I did find time late one night to dye my hair. 

The older kids are definitely stressing me out as well, with the usual teen issues, some more prominent than others...but, for better or worse, the twins have made it so that I do not have long to sit and stress about those issues.  I'm too busy wiping applesauce off of the wall...and the cat.

I see Owen is naked, and Connor has found a fruit snack.  We haven't had fruit snacks in the house for over a I suppose I should go take care of that. 


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