Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of the Drawbacks to Having a Smartass Kid...

Sometimes my toddler acts like a toddler.  Like the other day when it was time to turn off the Wii, and she threw a temper tantrum that shook the house.  The rest of the time she acts like a teenager-in-training...from the eyerolling to the Jonas Brothers poster on her wall.  Worst of all, her smartassidity levels are skyrocketing.

Last night was a challenging night.  My husband went to Canada for work that day, so dinnertime was mine to deal with alone.  Children can sense is then that they pounce.  The older ones fight.  The youngest ones have a yelling contest that ends in spitting and placing pizza slices on their heads.  And the toddller grins as she avoids drinking her milk.

" need to drink your milk."

Irelynn commences yelling with the babies.

"Irelynn.  Drink.  Your.  Milk."

Irelynn grins and giggles, but does not drink her milk.


She smirks as she glances at my bottle.

"Mommy.  Beer."

I then do the thing every parent does...begin to count out loud to three, hoping that the child will listen before I reach three...because honestly...I'm not sure what I'll do after three. 



I stand up....and she takes a drink. 

My biggest challenge with this child is to try to discipline her without revealing that I secretly think she's pretty damn funny at times.  Although...I'm not sure what I'm in for when she becomes a teenager...

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  1. Better than me I would of said Okay and down the beer :)