Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life's Little Excuses

Sometimes life seems to get in the way of all my good intentions.  I suppose you could call it excuses, but, really, they are a series of unfortunate events that make it damn near impossible to function in a responsible, proper manner.  Such as the dishwasher breaking, causing all dishes, from a family of seven, to be done by hand.  Everytime I go to do them, Connor manages to climb something and either get stuck, dance on the dining room table, or get to our multi-function printer and start making copies of his hand.  The dishes get put off until naptime...or sometimes the following day.

Then there are the attempts to eat healthy.  Surely this one should be able to be accomplished...I do have control over what I decide to eat.  What usually ends up happening, though, is once I finally have the boys in their chairs with their (insert meal) and start to search for something to eat, they throw their food on the floor and put their hands on their heads, and say "ah duh!"  All done.  So, we break out the washcloth, get them out of their chairs, sweep up the mess, and then chase them through the house.  And then pull Connor away from the printer again.  I take away something they shouldn't have, put it in our bedroom for safekeeping, notice a piece of leftover Christmas candy I had stashed in there because the kids kept stealing it....and eat it because now I'm starving.

Then there are the times I go to update my blog...and am distracted by the boys arguing over an old graham cracker that I missed when I swept earlier...or my toddler telling me she wants to watch "Scooby-Doo" for the 5th time....or Connor making copies of his hand again.

Actually...I got pretty far this time...perhaps it's time to check on the boys...

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