Monday, September 19, 2011

Spiderman and the Litterbox

"EW!  MOM!  EW!"

This is never a good thing to hear when you realize you have lost track of your children. 

I walked (quickly) back to the laundry room, where I found the two boys facing each other, looking down at a puddle on the floor between them.  The kitten, looking confused, was on the floor to the side, making movements to try and cover up the puddle with the small trail of cat litter that was on the floor.  Owen's pants also looked wet.

"Owen...what happened?  Who did that?"

"Maggie did it.  Ew, Maggie."

I stared for a minute, wondering why Maggie would have peed on the floor...she has never gone outside the litterbox before.  Then I glanced at Owen's pants again.

"Owen...did you pick Maggie up while she was in the litterbox?"


Commence the explanation of where kitties go potty and why you should not disturb them.  When I finished, I asked if he understood.

"Yeah.  Bad Maggie."

The thing that makes moments like this tolerable is the fact that they can also be quite cute and entertaining at times.  Such as their enthusiasm for Halloween...which I'm not even sure they completely understand, other than they get to dress up like their favorite super hero, Spiderman.  Both boys decided they want to be Spiderman this year.  I bought the costumes, and despite numerous attempts to explain to the boys that they should save them for the holiday, they broke me down.

"Pweeeeaaaase, Mom?   Pwease?  I Spiderman?" 

Those big eyes.  The use of the word, "please," (which is very rare.)  Mom...melting...

I didn't know what I had gotten myself into.  The boys refuse to take the costumes off.  They run around making web noises.  They only answer to "Spiderman."  They cry when I make them take them off for such things as leaving the house, bathtime, or bedtime.  I've created little mutant monsters.

They're pretty cute monsters, though.

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