Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'd like to think that if I assign each child a colored pen and meticulously write down every school activity, doctor's appointment, sports practice, open house, friend's birthday party and due dates for fundraisers that I will have an organized, orderly life.  The reality is that it is still is just color-coded. 

This fall marks many new beginnings for the Sawdon household.  We put an offer in on a house, and are not so patiently waiting to hear any progress on the excruciating process of buying a home listed as a short sale (which, by the way, is totally is anything but short.)  Both teenagers are in high school this year, and shortly after the new year the oldest will turn sixteen.  Irelynn will be starting kindergarten, and my babies will be starting preschool.  The past couple of years have been spent anticipating the days when all of my kids were finally in school.  I am currently a mixed jumble of emotions:  relief (I'm not going to lie, getting a break from Captain Destructo and his sidekick, Chaos Boy, will be nice,) and sadness, reflecting on how quickly time has gone by and how my babies are no longer babies. 

This whirlwind of emotions and changes also bring an enormous amount of activity...I have already been bombarded with paperwork and fundraisers.  We have to squeeze in back-to-school shopping, soccer fees, the boys' 3rd birthday party, and all the things entailed with trying to buy a new home.  Our beer budget is dwindling. 

During all of this, I am still pulling the boys off of the top bunk, sweeping cat litter that they threw on the floor, explaining to Irelynn that we do not call the dog "that damn dog" when we are angry and begging Owen to watch something other than Dora.  Oh, and pulling poor Maggie out of the big plastic cat food bin after the boys have sealed her up in it. 

Okay...yes...I am definitely ready for school to start.  Even if it means colorful chaos...because at least that chaos is on paper, and not in my living room...and bathroom.  Did I mention the boys are potty-training?  That adventure will have to wait for another blog entry...

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  1. I stumbled across your blog as I sit here clicking "next blog" to see what others are doing and I had to laugh as I read yours. I have 5 sons (and 2 daughters) and when they were small, 40+ yrs ago, each had a different colored ring(s) around the top of their sox and the same color marked on the neck tag of their T-shirts. It was their job to sort thru the laundry to find and fold their clothes. It worked great for them but they never got the knack of teaching their own kids who cram everything in a drawer and think nothing of wearing wrinkled T-shirts. Oh well, not my worry.

    I enjoy your blogs, I've bookmarked it and will check back again.