Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Twin Trail

It was subtle...but I could detect a faint scent of Gerber body wash and banana leading into the kitchen.  I crouched down...yes, I could see some tracks...small markings where someone had stepped in the banana.  Tracking babies does not require strong detective skills...but it does require a strong stomach and large amounts of patience.

I followed the trail of Cheerios into the kitchen, where it looked like a poltergeist had been present:  cabinets were all open, objects had been strewn across the kitchen, and I'm almost positive I heard things slamming in a far off room. 

I pass the toddler, happily eating her pancake at the table.  She looks at me, and calmly points toward the hallway. 

I see the remains of graham crackers littering the hallway, and fingerprints on the walls.  Then, I saw it:  the telltale sign that one of the twins had recently been in the area:  Owen's diaper was sitting on the floor.  Twin droppings are not rare...but they are key to finding their location. 

The bedroom door was closed.  I could hear voices on the other side.  I slowly opened it...being careful to not spook them...there is nothing quite like a toddler stampede.  Sure enough, Connor was sitting in a pulled out plastic drawer, and the elusive Owen was hiding under the Leap Frog Learning Table...I could tell it was Owen by the bare butt cheeks sticking out of the back of it. 

I suppose I should look at the bright side:  if they ever get lost in public, it won't be too difficult to find them.  I just hope Owen leaves his clothes on.

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