Saturday, December 5, 2009

Star Trek for Breakfast

I am sitting here typing in complete silence.  It is 9am on a Saturday, and all the children are eating breakfast behind me.  To what can I owe this moment of Zen?  Apparently Star Trek.  Or Eggo, as the case may be, who came up with the brilliant idea of creating Star Trek waffles. 

They were originally meant for my husband, who is an avid Trekkie.  He has a Star Trek blanket.  He has a mock phaser.  He even has a box of stale Star Trek cereal sitting on his dresser in our bedroom.  I bought it for him, thinking he would eat it.  Apparently cereal could one day become a collector's item.  Who knew?  I'm waiting for our room to become infested with mice.  The older children were quite put out that they were not allowed to partake in the Star Trek cereal. 

When I originally bought the waffles, I informed him that a box of frozen waffles would NOT be setting on our dresser....these were to EAT.  The children rejoiced, and the box was devoured before Bruce even got a waffle.  I realized I needed to make a compromise.

The next time I bought waffles almost ended in disaster as well, as I bought them while visiting the in-laws up north.  Our stores down here do not carry the Star Trek ones anymore, so I thought I scored big-time.  Unfortunately, I then left them in my mother-in-law's freezer.  Luckily for me (and my husband,) my mother-in-law made a trip down only a few days later, and she brought the waffles with her.  A new rule was put in place:  no one was allowed to eat the waffles until their father had eaten some first. 

The following days I was hounded by children wanting to know if their father had eaten his waffles yet so they could have some.  I finally, one morning, made some for him.  The boxes were officially open.  Which brings us to this morning, the first morning the children are allowed to have waffles.

Owen and Connor are shoving them in their mouths, looking like little chipmunks.  Irelynn had me carefully cut her's so I did not distroy the picture in the middle.  The older girl excitedly put her's in the toaster and described the aliens adorning the front.  We are officially down one box. 

This is why my morning is quiet...I have a table full of content kids, happily eating alien encrusted waffles. 

Oh...wait...Connor just tried to steal some of Owen's.  So much for the quiet.  Ah, and now Irelynn is trying to cheer Owen up with her rendition of Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies."  I suppose it could only last so long...

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