Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School, Christmas Music and Out of Work Elves.

The start of the school year is creeping up...normally I would be excited and slightly relieved (even the Wii gets old for the kids once in awhile)...but this year I am starting to feel anxious. And not in a good way. The source of my anxiety is the fact that my husband has already started listening to Christmas music. In years past, I could avoid it until 100.3 WNIC started playing Christmas music in early November. However, now with internet radio stations allowing you to choose your favorite genre of music...there is no escape.

Why should Christmas music bring on such feelings? It is a reminder of what will soon arrive...the start of school, which brings the onslaught of new and innovative ways to drain parents of money. School pictures, touch-ups on school pictures (heaven forbid your child have a blemish,) yearbook orders, fundraisers, school supplies, school clothes, "cool" shoes, lunch money, and field trip money. And now...my toddler will be starting preschool. I know she's ready...but I'm not sure I am.

The thought of the multitude of paperwork coming home is enough to make me want to seek shelter somewhere. My primary goal over the last year has been to get myself organized. It has yet to happen. As I sit here, I am surrounded by unsorted mail, two packs of crayons I bought recently because they were cheap, scattered coupons, an empty wine glass and a bottle of sunscreen. How am I going to handle the influx of handbooks, syllabuses, magazine fundraiser order forms, read-a-thons, jumprope-a-thons, picture information and school internet usage forms?

Then...that leads to the holidays. Christmas with FIVE kids now. I'm not sure how to explain to the three-year-old that the economy has hit Santa hard this year...he's had to lay off some elves and outsource to other mythical creatures. Perhaps the kids should leave out beer instead of cookies this year...

I'm not sure where I was going with this blog entry. But all of the sudden I feel like a candy cane and some hot chocolate...with a little Peppermint Schnapps.

It is still August, right?

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  1. Oh hot coco and peppermint schnapps..Y didnt I think of that??? Thinking of Christmas, Owen and Connor will be too young to remember so dont spend alot of money on them. Wrap everythings of Irelynns individually and she wont know either. The older two are old enough to understand. Also, Y is the wine glass empty? That is rude to do, it should always be filled. Speaking of wine glasses I have 6 of them from Kevyn's wedding!!