Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Despicable Silence

My children are all quiet at the moment.  To be fair, the older two are in school...but the remaining three have been near silent for the last hour...and not one of them is asleep.  To what do I owe this delicious hour of silence?  The movie, "Despicable Me," has been playing since shortly after 7:30am.  Outside of the random quotes delivered by the 5-year-old (usually mimicking one of the minions,) they have all sat, enthralled by the movie.  I think Owen might be drooling in his silent stupor.  Connor is slowly munching on crackers (as he is almost never without food,) and Irelynn is laying down, quoting lines from the movie as the characters say them. 

I think I might take a day off today.  I shall put this movie on "repeat," set out various snacks in case they get hungry...and read a book.  No...no...take a nap.  No, wait...catch up on Facebook...

Owen just removed his pants.  And now they are up...and...demanding to go outside.  Well, so much for that idea.  Owen is now trying to climb on the shelf.  I guess my time is up.  It was a good hour, anyway...

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