Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shoe Shopping

We are about to venture  The last time we went out to purchase new shoes for the kids ended with only two pairs having been found:  Marissa's school shoes and Jay's soccer cleats.  Jay still needs regular shoes.  My picky child, he couldn't seem to find anything he any store in the mall.  However, after spending a few hours scouring the mall, with a preschooler asleep in my arms, two cranky toddlers fighting in the double stroller, and realizing that Jaylond somehow lost my keys somewhere in the mall and we were locked out of the van...we decided we were done for the day.  We did manage to find the keys, after walking the mall again and visiting each store we had been to (with children complaining that they were "starving," and three sleepy little ones reminding me why they still need naps.)  I had enlisted the help of my mother...and I'm not sure how we would have done it otherwise.  Despite the size of our family, we are usually fairly self-sufficient...but there are times when I have to break down and realize that I do need help. 

Today is a new day, though.  We have to find shoes for Jay.  School starts in less than a week now.  We are going to try Kohl's this time.  One reason is because it is a place he hasn't looked at yet for shoes.  Another is that it leaves only one store to try and find items like keys that might get dropped or lost.  I think that if he doesn't find something he likes there he can wear his damn soccer cleats to school.

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