Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Large Families

There are certain phrases that make me cringe.  I hear them quite often.  I'm considering asking each person who mutters any one of these phrases for a dollar, explaining that if I had a dollar for each time I heard it, I could afford a huge house like the Duggar family, along with a well-stocked beer fridge to keep me sane with all these children.  You know the phrases:

" must have your hands full!"
(Yes, yes I do.  Is that a bad thing?)

"Are these all your's??"
(Yes, they are all mi...wait...where did that one come from?!)

"You do know what causes this, right?"
(Yes, I do.  Would you like me to explain it to you so you can have a big family, too?)

"Better you than me!"
(Yes.  That is quite obvious.)

"You look too young to have five kids!"
(Thank you...I think.)

Is it really so outragous these days to have more than two or three kids?  And if so...why? 

When I think about families, I think about my family vs. my husband's family.  Our wedding was fairly side was so small compared to his (which is why I find that particular scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding so funny.)  I see my family getting smaller...we have no (great)grandparents left to enjoy the grandbabies.  Right now...the only little ones are mine.  Even my father has passed...leaving that side of my family tree completely gone.  Bruce, on the other hand, has a huge family...with great-grandparents that are very much a part of every child, grandchild, and great-grandchild's life.  They tease the grandfather if he ever mixes up a name...but with so many amazes me that he remembers them at all!  He knows my twins, when some people still can't tell them apart.  To go to a family get-together and see so many people enjoying themselves, teasing each other, helping each other, and makes me proud to be a part of such a big family.  I try to tell my husband how special that see his grandparents holding our babies.  My own father never got a chance to meet the twins.  My grandparents never got to meet any of our children. 

Is it stressful to have so many kids?  Sure, at times.  Do I have my hands full?  Yes...and I prefer that to having them empty.  In fact...I hope my hands are always full.  I have five beautiful children.  Hopefully that means that I will have lots of grandbabies of my own someday...and hopefully I'm around to enjoy great-grandbabies, too.  And hopefully my husband will remember all of their names...

In the meantime...I think I will start charging a dollar for every ridiculous phrase.  Then at least I can use the money to spoil future grandkids...

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