Saturday, April 9, 2011

Are We There Yet?

My husband has issues with his GPS.  I'm thinking about starting a support group called D.U.M.B.A.S.S.:  Directionally-challenged Unthinking Men Basing Actions on Subjective technological Systems.  The GPS is a wonderful little device that can be very helpful...but there are times when common sense should still kick in.  A good example is when an exit will be coming up for the town you wish to reach, but the device is telling you, albiet in the voice of Mr. T, to turn off on some unknown path that is not paved...or night.  I pity the fool who decides to follow the suggestion of the GPS. 

My husband does not usually deviate from the suggested path outlined by his technological wonder.  Sometimes I feel like we are re-enacting the scene from the movie "RV," where Robin William's character is torn between listening to "Lola" the GPS, or his wife, who has driven that route and knows the traffic patterns during that time of the day:  "Go straight."  "No, Lola says take a right."  Many of our driving expeditions include at least one child asking, "are we lost?" 

Unfortunately, today was the day he decided to follow road signs and ignore his GPS.  The exit was closed, so he followed the detour signs...which put him way out of his way, rendering him lost, and added a half hour to his commute home.  I am waiting to hear the words, "if I had only listened to my GPS..." 

Somehow I don't think he would have been home much sooner if he did.  We are still working on the first step of the program:  admitting you have a problem.  Once he does that, we will move on to step two:  admitting that your GPS is not actually the voice of God  (as played by Mr. T...or James Bond...or Homer Simpson.) 

We have a long road ahead of us...


  1. LOOOL! i enjoyed reading your post! keep posting and have a wonderful saturday! :)

  2. Haha, my GPS is George Bush. He's usually pretty good at getting me where I need to be, lol. Though he does get confused quite often...
    And hehe, at least your husband uses a gps, my boyfriend refuses :P